Are You Ready for Summer? 

If you are thinking of a new trailer for your boat, camping trip, or that garden waste, come in and see us now!


Welcome to Reid Trailers

We Build Trailers.

We build top quality trailers with no compromise using NZ sourced components, New Zealand or Australian structural steel and all our trailers are hot dip galvanised. Our trailers are manufactured, from raw steel to the finished product, right here in our factory in Auckland.

We Service Trailers.

including Repairs and Regular Maintenance. We carry out trailer repairs and maintenance on all brands of trailers. We specialise in modifications including Brake Upgrades.

We also stock a large range of Spare Parts.

Drop in and see us at 16 Cowley Place, Albany.

Open from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday - Friday

and 8.00am - 12.00 noon most Saturdays


'It has come to our notice that customers looking for Reid Trailers online in the Silverdale area are being directed to a site that claims Xpress Trailers stock and sell our trailers. We do not sell trailers through Xpress, never have and never intend to as one of our points of difference is that we manufacture our trailers in New Zealand rather than buying them complete or in kitset form from other countries.’